Belle II

Belle II is an experiment on the asymmetric electron-positron collider SuperKEKB, which is currently under construction at the KEK laboratory in Tsukuba, Japan. Belle II is an upgrade of the Belle experiment, which was instrumental in exploring CP violation in the B meson system. The success of this program has led to the rapid approval of an upgrade for both the detector and the KEKB collider. The new facility, Belle II at
SuperKEKB, aims for an amount of recorded physics events fifty times larger than in Belle, i.e., 50 ab^{-1} at the energy of the \Upsilon(4S). To reach this goal, the instantaneous luminosity will be exceeding \mathrm{L} = 0.8 \times 10^{36} cm ^{-2} s^{-1} , 40 times larger than the world record achieved by KEKB. The pure physics rate at this luminosity is around 10 kHz.

Schematic view of the Belle II Detector.

Schematic view of the Belle II detector. Please find the details on the detector components relevant for the NeuroTrigger Project in the Project description.


Belle II TDR